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Ed Deuel

Ed Deuel

Ed began his law enforcement career at the Whittier Police Department in 1973. He joined the Huntington Beach Police Department in 1977 where his assignments included 14 years with the Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT), Department Training Manager, and over eight years as the Officer-in-Charge of the Crimes against Persons Unit.  Since 1980, he has served as a law enforcement trainer for basic and advanced courses in Patrol Procedures and Tactics, Officer-Involved-Shooting Investigations, SWAT Operations, Use of Force, and Trauma Response Team. Ed retired as a Lieutenant after 33 years of distinguished service.  

Ed's Bio

Ed is a subject matter expert on peace officers facing violent encounters for the Commission on California Peace Officer Standards and Training’s (POST) televised training productions.  In addition, he was asked by the Los Angeles Police Department to re-enact the officer-involved-shooting incident in which he was wounded. He received the Medal of Valor for his actions at “that moment in time.”  This training tape has received nationwide recognition, helping peace officers survive critical incidents.

Ed was one of the first to integrate officer safety and post traumatic stress in video law enforcement training. This concept is used nationally by other law enforcement instructors, a testimony to his leadership in this field. Furthermore, Ed has authored various training articles that were published in law enforcement magazines.

Ed has personally debriefed hundreds of peace officers that have survived lethal assaults.  Ed was instrumental in the development of a Trauma Response Team at the Huntington Beach Police Department in 1988.  He has also helped law enforcement agencies in California and New York create trauma response teams.  Ed’s efforts have saved many law enforcement careers.

As the Huntington Beach Police Department’s training manager, Ed worked with the department’s nationally recognized police psychologist, Lawrence N. Blum, PH.D to develop crisis decision-making and use of force scenario training. The skills taught in this program have greatly reduced the shock reactions and sensory distortions in officers confronted with unexpected lethal encounters, and significantly improved their tactical responses in life-threatening incidents. He also initiated ongoing emergency vehicle operation and vehicle pursuit intervention courses that have dramatically reduced officer-involved traffic collisions.  The Huntington Beach Police Department awarded Ed the Medal of Merit for his lifetime training contributions.

As a senior member of POST’s Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted Committee (LEOKA), Ed has studied the assaults and deaths of hundreds of peace officers. He participates in the publication of POST LEOKA and Critical Incident Reports.  Ed’s most recent Critical Incident Report is “The Eviction Murders” where a peace officer and a community member were killed in Modesto, California.  This report is available for reading or downloading at the LEOKA.ORG web site.

Ed has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Management from the University of Redlands and a California teaching credential.  Since 1980, Ed has served as a law enforcement instructor to thousands of peace officers, receiving commendation for his contributions to the law enforcement profession.


Rich Wemmer

Rich Wemmer

Rich joined the Los Angeles Police Department in 1970, following service at the Pasadena Police Department as a Police Cadet and at the Monterey Park Police Department as a Reserve Police Officer in the late 1960’s. At the Los Angeles Police Department, Rich worked various operational, specialized, and training assignments, promoting to sergeant, lieutenant, and captain. As a lieutenant, he supervised a number of specialized units within the LAPD, including duties as the Officer-in-Charge of the Anti-Terrorist Division’s Investigative Unit during the 1984 Summer Olympic Games, the Hollywood Vice Unit, the Los Angeles International Airport Detail, and the Asian Crime Investigation Unit.

Rich's Bio

As a police captain, Rich has been the commanding officer of the Rampart and Northeast Patrol Divisions, Central Traffic Division, Training Division, Wilshire Detective Division, Van Nuys, West Los Angeles, and Wilshire Community Police Stations. In 2008, he retired after 40 years of dedicated law enforcement service.

Rich is recognized as a pioneer in law enforcement officer safety and tactics training. In 1974, he started to review critical incidents, especially officer-involved shootings where officers were wounded and killed. He created the “Officer-Involved Shooting” series at LAPD and was responsible for the videotaped re-enactment of over 20 officer-involved shooting incidents. He pioneered the inclusion of interviews with the surviving peace officers, to maximize the impact of lessons learned. Rich also developed the “Officer-Down” course for first responders, supervisors, and command officers.

Rich has authored numerous articles on the murders of peace officers and received awards, commendations, and letters from local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. His training contributions are recognized nationwide for preventing peace officer deaths; and making the critical difference during a violent encounter.

Rich serves on the committee that studies the assaults, murders, and accidental deaths of California Peace Officers (California Peace Officer Standards and Training, Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted-POST LEOKA Committee). As a senior LEOKA Committee member, Rich has examined the assaults and deaths of hundreds of peace officers and participated as a subject matter expert in the publication of LEOKA Reports and POST television courses. He created the POST Critical Incident Review Report program to benefit law enforcement personnel. The reports contain tactical and training strategies to effectively prepare peace officers to respond, manage, and survive similar critical incidents.  Rich’s most recent Critical Incident Report is “The Eviction Murders” where a peace officer and a community member were killed in Modesto, California.  This report is available for reading or downloading at the LEOKA.ORG web site.

Rich received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Police Science and Administration from California State University at Los Angeles, a Master of Science Degree from Pepperdine University in Public Administration and a California Teaching Credential. He is a recognized expert in peace officer training, police tactics, officer safety, use-of-force issues, and the assaults and murders of peace officers.

The California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) awarded Captain Wemmer the “Excellence in Training Lifetime Achievement” award in honor of his contributions and dedication to California Law Enforcement.  Thousands of local, state, and federal peace officers have benefited from hearing his officer safety themes of “A Moment in Time,” and “Balancing today’s peace officer as a humanitarian, tactician, and warrior” and viewing his training tapes. His comments and officer safety tactics have enabled fellow law enforcement officers nationally and internationally to be effective and safer.


Marcus Young

Marcus Young

Marcus formerly served as a Program Manager for the Professional Standards Bureau of the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office in California. Marcus is a military veteran who served 20 years in law enforcement, retiring as a sergeant from the Ukiah Police Department, California. Between 2008 to 2017, Marcus worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a National Instructor/Trainer. He earned a M.S. Degree in Counseling Psychology and a B.S. Degree in Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco, California. President George W. Bush and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger each awarded Marcus a Medal of Valor following an officer-involved shooting incident. Between 2009 to present, Marcus has presented courses to more than 25,000 law enforcement and military personnel in over 40 states in the United States, multiple locations in Canada, and abroad.