May 24, 2020

| The FBI’s 2016 The Assailant Study (Mindsets and Behaviors) examined 50 incidents involving attacks against law enforcement where peace officers were killed. Originally, there were 53 incidents considered with 64-officers killed. Their conclusions identified common trends as well as two primary contributing factors:

“The common trends identified were (1) the expressed desire to kill law enforcement, and (2) the desire to remain free. The contributing factors identified were (1) the singular narrative that portrays the officer involved as guilty in traditional and social media and the subject as the victim, and (2) the recent criminal justice reform initiatives that reduce prosecutions and incarceration of criminals, specifically drug offenders, which has the effect of putting criminals back on the street with an attitude of ‘beating the system'”.

Why should I read this article?

The findings in this study are extremely relevant for law enforcement personnel.  Most important is the recognition of behavioral possibilities when a peace officer encounters or stops someone.  The officer’s ability to read the scene and understand how the person is reacting to police presence may provide a significant mental awareness and edge in securing a better position of advantage to prevent an attack.  The detection and reaction to these behavioral danger signs may be the difference between a safe resolution or a serious incident involving bodily injury or death.

Source: FBI The Assailant Study 2016