Why it Happens

Our efforts have enabled us to meet thousands of peace officers across our great nation and internationally who have provided numerous gifts for other peace officers. These gifts involved candid descriptions and insights from horrifying peace officer assaults and tragic accidental, off-duty and on-duty deaths of our brother and sister law enforcement officers.  Their words graphically describe encounters where violent criminals presented danger signs and distraction behavior. Fortunately, their words have enabled us to identify lessons learned and to share effective and safe policing practices.  Although we are fortunate to have received this knowledge, the most frequent comment we have received from peace officers involved in critical incidents, is “I never thought it would happen to me.”

Yes, on a daily basis and nationwide, peace officers survive hundreds of thousands of contacts with people.  However, our greatest enemy has been and will continue to be complacency and denial.  Every peace officer needs to develop a policing theme that will inspire and motivate them for their “Next Moment in Time” when they will have to be the best they ever hoped to be.  Additionally, we must constantly balance our personal and professional lives so that we can make a difference with ethical, legal, proper and safe policing practices while performing one of the most dangerous, demanding and difficult jobs in America.