The officers behind LEOKA have garnered several awards for their prestigious work in helping to save the lives of peace officers across the country.  Their efforts have allowed law enforcement agencies to thoroughly review their own processes and prioritize the safety of their entire staffs.
ARPOC Best Class Award
Golden Badge Award - Top Management Award

Ed Deuel was honored with the “Golden Badge Foundation Honoree, Top Management Award” at the 8th Annual Golden Badge Foundation Awards Presentation in Irvine, California. Ed was recognized for his distinguished law enforcement career of 33 years with the Whittier and Huntington Beach Police Departments. Specifically, he was acknowledged and commended for heroic service in winning a Medal of Valor during a shootout with armed robbery suspects. Although wounded, Ed stopped the suspect who shot him and protected the community members who were present. Furthermore, he was recognized for his leadership and training contributions that have enabled fellow peace officers to be more efficient and safer. His thousands of training hours and trauma response team creativity and contributions have made a significant difference in the welfare and safety of his law enforcement brothers and sisters. Ironically, Ed’s son, Ryan Deuel, recently received a Medal of Valor from the Reedley Police Department. Ryan’s bravery was recognized during the tragic murders of Fresno County Sheriff’s Deputy Joel Wahlenmaier and Reedley Police Officer Javier Bejar.

California POST - Excellence in Training Award, Lifetime Achievement
On June 23, 2011, the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) awarded Captain Wemmer the “Excellence in Training Lifetime Achievement” award in honor of his contributions and dedication to California Law Enforcement. The POST web site reads as follows; “Captain Wemmer retired from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), has over 38 years of law enforcement teaching experience and has been an instructor at Golden West College, Regional Criminal Justice Training Center for 32 years. He has frequently been recognized for his work in officer safety and tactics training. He has authored several articles related to the killing of peace officers and has received commendations throughout the United States for his training in preventing peace officer deaths and injuries. Presently, Captain Wemmer is the Coordinator of the Officer Safety Tactics (OST) program at Golden West College, Criminal Justice Training Center. He has tailored the OST program to minimize downtime and maximize the training experience for the students. He has played a vital role in the development of officer survival skills training and offered it to hundreds of basic academy recruits and in-service officers.”
Trauma Support
20150605_161820In 1999, Huntington Beach Police Department Sergeant Ed Deuel received a late night request to assist a peace officer.  Whittier Police Officer Mike Martinez had just survived a horrific gun battle and the Department requested Ed respond and provide trauma support.

Ed immediately went to the Whittier Police Department to debrief Officer Martinez.  While talking with Mike, Ed noticed Mike’s Whittier Police Department Badge, Number 35.  Ironically, this was also Ed’s badge number when he started his law enforcement career in 1973 at the Whittier Police Department. Throughout their discussion, Ed was extremely impressed with Mike’s bravery and he was proud that such a warrior was now wearing his old badge.

Sixteen years later, Ed and Rich Wemmer were asked to speak on “Surviving Critical Incidents” to the Riverside Emergency Services Team Member’s Association in Indio, California.  At the conclusion of this presentation, Riverside Sheriff’s Captain Ray Woods commended their contributions and asked Ed to come to the podium.

Moments later, and to Ed’s surprise, Mike Martinez joined them.  Mike described their initial meeting and explained that he had since been involved in an additional seven deadly force shootings.  He graciously thanked Ed for his efforts in 1999.  Mike acknowledged that without Ed’s compassionate care and his unique abilities to make others understand what happens to a peace officer and their loved ones in the aftermath of a violent attack, he would not have been able to successfully deal with the scrutiny of his multiple shooting incidents.

Following this moving expression of appreciation for Ed’s personal efforts, Mike proudly presented retired Lieutenant Ed Deuel with Whittier Police Department Badge Number 35.  This memento represents their special memory of Ed helping Mike with “one moment in time” at the Whittier Police Department.

Golden West College - Lifetime Achievement

Golden West College Criminal Justice Training Center

Lifetime Achievement Award

Presented to Los Angeles Police Captain Richard C. Wemmer

In recognition of his legacy of service, training, and instructional excellence, and the enduring influence he had in the lives of countless students of this institution. His significant contributions have enhanced the safety and professionalism of law enforcement personnel throughout California and our nation.