July 14, 2020

| Jim Fraser (Georgia); Wayne McBride (Northern California); Rich Wemmer (Southern California); Brian Willis (Alberta, Canada); and I, (Marcus Young, Nevada) had an incredible opportunity to meet on Zoom. These gentlemen are four of my mentors, role-models, and friends who have a diverse depth of law enforcement experience and knowledge. Each has done incredible work in training law enforcement and military personnel throughout North America and abroad. While serving their countries in law enforcement and the United States military, they implemented learner-centered training in the classroom and reality-based field scenarios, focusing on leadership development in law enforcement personnel at all ranks. Our discussion resulted in passionate training comments, ranging from the COVID pandemic, the current state of law enforcement nationwide, lessons learned in critical incidents and training, and personal career experiences.

As the Deputy Executive Director for the International Law Enforcement Educators and Training Association (ILEETA), Brian provided an update of the upcoming ILEETA Conference [1] scheduled, August 2-7, 2020, in St. Louis, MO. He also gave an overview of his virtual Excellence in Training Academy [2]. His online academy is an invaluable tool and great informational resource for law enforcement professionals to enhance the depth of their knowledge at a time where classroom instruction is impractical.

Why should I consider ILEETA membership and The Excellence in Training Academy?
The following is an excerpt highlighting the benefits of ILEETA membership [1]:
• FREE subscription to ILEETA’s official quarterly periodical, The ILEETA Digest, which is sent to all members via e-mail, with NO advertising.
• FREE subscriptions to ILEETA e-Publications: the ILEETA Journal, and the ILEETA E-Bulletin.
• Access to the ILEETA Learning Lab featuring course synopsis and interviews from the ILEETA Annual Conference.
• ILEETA Webcasts of the Emerson Hour, sponsored by Virtual Academy, with videos featuring the presentations from the 2018 Emerson Hour.
• FREE magazine subscriptions to several law enforcement publications.
• Discounted instructor liability insurance from Leech Bridges Insurance.
• Dues renewal waived for active duty military personnel deployed outside their home country.
• Line of Duty Death Benefit of $1000.

Within Brian’s Winning Mind Training’s website [2], The Excellence in Training Academy, currently has a library of 247 interviews and 20 webinars of a wide range of experts. The following excerpt from the website highlights value of this extensive interview library associated with membership:
“The weekly content will be 30 to 60 minutes in length and will come in a variety of formats including:
• Audio interviews with law enforcement trainers from around the world on a variety of topics designed to give you insights and wisdom from the best in the business on training strategies, philosophies, lessons learned and a variety of other strategies that will help you become a better trainer.
• Interviews with guests who are not law enforcement trainers but, have something to offer regarding the art of storytelling, creating compelling slide decks, crisp management, mental preparation and other aspects of interest to law enforcement trainers who are committed to delivering great training.
• Webinars that will give you insights into the Excellence in Training philosophies and provide you with proven and practical strategies to take your training to a whole new level.
• Reviews and insights from books and training programs.
• Question and Answer sessions to address your burning questions and biggest challenges.
• All the content will be available in a protected area on the website that is only accessible to members.”
[1] 2020 ILEETA Conference and Exposition: https://ileeta.org/ileeta-conference-expo-3/
[2] Winning Mind Training, Excellence in Training Academy, https://excellenceintrainingacademy.com/about-the-academy/