June 21, 2020

| We must understand the significant lessons learned from previous civil unrest.  Policing needs to be effective, safe, and vigilant while protecting and respecting the dignity and rights of the people we serve.  Leadership and training efforts must assure that peace officers get adequate rest, constant support, proper field direction on the use of force, reality-based training, and sufficient modern equipment. When law enforcement officers recognize pre-assaultive behaviors, this essential safety skill set may prevent injuries and safeguard lives. The article referenced below, The Tipping Point to Chaos [1], addresses the current pandemic situation coupled with mass unemployment and perception of police misconduct causing demands for social justice.

Why should I review this information?

There are four reports referenced in the resources for the referenced article based on after action analysis following major events which occurred in Maryland, Missouri, California, and Washington. Consideration should be given to a review of the findings within these reports through the lessons learned and recommendations. This critical information can then be compared to current department guidelines, policies, tactical procedures, and training to determine best practices and relevancy.  We offer these after-action reports as insight for further discussion to enhance effectiveness and decision-making, including public and officer safety.


[1] Wemmer, R. & Young, M., The Tipping Point to Chaos, lawofficer.com, June 19, 2020, https://www.lawofficer.com/the-tipping-point-to-chaos/